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This website is not being updated anymore as we're in the process of building a new one. Some of the information available on this website may no longer be accurate, or representative of our current range of services. Please call the workshop on 020 3441 9220 or send us an email to if you want to enquire about our current services or schedule an appointment.

Custom Build Process

We source traditional steel frames from the 50's through to the early 90's and give them a new lease on life. Vintage frames often have a heritage, build quality, & features that you will never find on new bikes, so our aim with every custom build bike is to create an irreplaceable mix of the old and the new. Bicycles have the potential to keep going much longer than their owners will be able to ride them, so with the right approach to maintenance and a suitable build spec, a well thought out custom build could last a few lifetimes.

For the discerning cycle enthusiast, a combination of a Brooks Saddle with a Sturmey Archer hub gear allows a lifetime of comfort and easy maintenance.

Through collaboration with professional powder coating experts, Armourtex Cycles, it's possible to restore and protect old frames, considerably increasing their lifespan.

Download RAL Colour Chart (pdf)

Example Builds

As part of the bike building process, you will receive a document with details of the age and origin of your components, as well as an invitation to assist in their final assembly; providing both good technical and contextual knowledge about your own bike.