Workshop Fit Out Photo Blog

Once the walls and ceiling had been installed we started the workbench build.

Our first ever attempt at workbench construction. 25th September 2015

Cross lapped uprights let us fit the cabinet doors flush with the legs. 25th September 2015

Just needs a bit of sanding to make the top level(ish). 26th September 2015

Work stands and drawers being assembled. 28th September 2015

Cabinet doors and handles in place. 29th September 2015

Almost finished. 30th September 2015

Shaping the worktop. 1st October 2015

Drawers in and moving smoothly. 1st October 2015

Almost all of the assembly is over with. Moving to the first layer of varnish. 2nd October 2015

Several OCD members of the public have a strong appreciation for our tool wall. 9th October 2015

Open and ready for business (mostly). 9th October 2015

First custom build in the new workshop.

Visit the workshop at 63 Roman Road E2 0QN

Freshly fitted window decals.

Can you spot the Xmas decorations?

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